Since 1997, Dr. Rostant has been helping patients live better lives, through intensive talk-based treatment.  The sub-concise mind is powerful thing that can either free or condemn ones enjoyment of life.



To plunge deep into the subconscious mind, to the root of what troubles you, is achieved through hard work, consistent treatment, and a desire to change ones self awareness.  Dr. Rostant has been successfully treating patients to live and fulfill happy productive lives, free of mental anguish and symptoms.


The treatment process is that of consistency.  One cannot dig deep into he sub-concise mind without opening the doors of the past.  The process is brutal and honest, emotional and uplifting and is not achieved overnight.  For some it takes years of dedication and desire to quantify a change of behavior, thought process, and life fulfillment.  

Dr. Rostant's practice is built on a foundation of 8 years of medical training, 5 years of extensive Phsyco-Anylitic training based on the works of Sigmund Freud,