What is Psycho-Therapy?

The basic tenet of therapy is to bring into consciousness and awareness the conflicts within the individual and the role of the individual’s perceptions as they contribute to these conflicts.  Like columns holding up roof, each of our defensive methods of surviving are tenaciously held and protected and a person has to build new methods of adaptation before older ones can be relinquished.  That takes time, patience, energy and commitment on the patient and therapist’s part.  Therapy happens on average twice a week, which allows significant time to make great headway into change.


What is Psycho-Analysis?

Sometimes Therapy falls short in it’s capacity to uncover conflicts that are particularly deep-rooted and well guarded by the patient’s defensive structure.  Sometimes twice a week does not provide the time or vehicle for significant advancement in the work.  Psycho-Analysis, performed on the couch with the therapist sitting behind, and occurring more frequently, effectively creates a space for free association of thoughts and ideas, where the unconscious machinations of conflict, defense and perception can be more easily seen.  In the moment of awareness, truth and choice can be interjected, new pathways of thought are created and permanent change evolves.


What is Couples Therapy?

Everyone brings their own methods of surviving their understanding of reality into their relationships.  Habits, traits, control, energies, expectations, denials, sensualities and of-course their own fingerprint of how they love, were loved and want to be loved, this is then thrown into the melee of the space between them and their other.  The joy of working with couples, as these things become elucidated and understood as part of the couple’s journey of navigating as a team, is how special the reconnecting can become as awareness clears the way for selflessness on everyone’s part, for the greater experience of loving and being in love.